Reflections on COM 546 Final Class Presentations – Day 1

Last Saturday was the second to last day in class and was a day filled with class presentations. Our Team, the MINI Challenge, was the first team to present. It felt good get my nerves out of the way so I could concentrate on presentations by the other teams.

We were asked to itemize each each of the presentations we watched and respond to this specific question: “if this had been a real-world presentation, what’s the one additional piece of information that would have furthered the presenters’ case for you?.

Pod #2 – Pollinator Pathways

I loved this presentation. The reason before building these roadside gardens is different but the process for implementing them is almost exactly the same as for stormwater rain gardens – which I have been heavily involved in implementing in the past. Their presentation was beautiful. The explanation about the levels of behavioral engagement was helpful.

I felt like they outlined the problem very clearly. I was left wanting more about their vision or what the outcome would look like if they were “successful”.

Pod #1 – MYPulse

I enjoyed learning more about big data and privacy issues. I felt like I understand the issues around privacy more and wasn’t left with any questions about it.

I would have liked to see more about how the different privacy choices may affect sales.

Pod #10 – Changing Recycling Habits

I loved that this team used Prezi for their presentation. I have only recently learned about Prezi and was impressed with what could be created using it. The presentation was also very engaging and I liked the role playing.

The role playing was so in-character that I feel liked they missed pointing out the learning opportunities for the class. I questioned the idea of Comcast donating anything. Although it was explained later that Comcast might wish to elevate their public image, they have done nothing notable, ever to do so. It doesn’t seem like they are interested in doing that because why should they if they are pretty much the only game in town. I also wondered if Zillow lists multi-family rentals where Millenials are living. I didn’t know that they did.

Pod #9 – Root Magazine

The problem was well defined. I questioned the plan to rely on revenue from a print magazine, declining in sales for, funding of expensive online magazine development. I understand that once it is developed and has significant readership that it can be supported through internet ads but the up front costs of development and marketing would not be bolstered by online ads.

Overall I thought the presentations were great and loved how everyone took ownership of their project and ran with it. I look forward to seeing more presentations on the 23rd.



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