I Really Want to Speak At BlogPaws

BlogPaws is THE biggest conference for bloggers in the pet industry. I applied to speak last year about social media analytics. I didn’t get chosen but I am applying again this year with a different spin.

I think I have the experience I need to give this talk. I have been a pet blogger for almost 3 years. I completed the 9-month University of Washington Social Media Technologies and Implementation Certificate.

After I found out I didn’t get chosen last year, I asked a friend who DID get chosen to show me her proposal. I concluded that 1) my presentation wasn’t thought out well enough and 2) it wasn’t presented very well.

After hearing Matt McGarrity speak on Saturday, I wonder if main problem wasn’t something bigger.

Matt said, “presentations should be about what the audience should take away from the presentation”.

I think that my first presentation proposal focused on what I wanted to tell the audience. I focused on showing them that I knew what I was talking about and trying to persuade them that paying attention to the numbers associated with their efforts was important.

I am still writing the speaking proposal this year. I think I need to go back and look at my presentation idea, pull out what it is that I want the audience to walk away with and structure the presentation outline with that in mind. I also may need to reduce the number of goals that I have and simplify the message.

Matt gave me some really good things to think about that I hope will increase my chances of getting invited to speak  at BlogPaws this year. I still have a lot to learn about speaking proposals though.

I am curious if any of you, my fellow students, have successfully submitted a speaker proposal. Do you have any tips or pointers?


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