What Am I Doing Here?

Taken from my letter of Intent submitted to the University of Washington Communications Leadership, Masters of Digital Communications program:

There is no going back for me now

In the article titled The Anatomy of an MCDM Foundation Course, Shay Colson wrote “…MCDM students find new and exciting ways to see their world, tell the stories they find compelling, and build and grow the communities that will make a difference for us all.” This exactly how I envision the future me – being a catalyst for change and making a difference through creative storytelling and meaningful relationship building.

Now that I have seen this future, anything but moving forward feels stifling.

The world is moving and changing so quickly today. We live in exciting times. I feel that there has been no other time in my life when the saying “innovate or die” has not been more true. The “rules” are disappearing and making way for “anything is possible.” The key to surviving and thriving in this new world is being able to see what is coming and develop a game plan of how you will adapt to the new environments. I want to embrace innovation and change.

At first, I wanted to save the world

In my early 20s, while working on a wetland restoration project, I drew a connection back to one of my defining childhood experiences. It was at that moment that I found my calling in environmental conservation and restoration. I headed off to college to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Geology and onto a successful career in the environmental field.

I had a very successful career but was unhappy and restless and I didn’t know how to fix it. It was after I had reached a level of expertise in my career that I found myself crafting environmental education messages that it became clear. I have a talent and passion for connecting with people and bringing people together for a common cause, goal, or idea to make a difference. I realized what I was capable of and wanted to have an impact on the world that was greater than what I could do in my little corner.

Now, I want to CHANGE the world

I see digital media as a way to capture the innovative products, genius ideas, and passions of other people and then amplify them through the use of the internet. I see myself “changing the world” by helping to reach the right people with those messages and inspiring them to take action.


One thought on “What Am I Doing Here?

  1. Welcome to #MCDM / #CommLead – we’re glad to have you!

    You’ve set the bar high, but we’ll do all we can to help you make those changes in your world, and the world of others.

    Let the adventure begin!

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